How to Keep the Motivation in College When You Feel There’s No Purpose! (Bible verses to keep in mind!!)

Most of us know that awful feeling of transitioning from high school to college. After our glory days of prom and graduation, soon one has to deal with that knot in their stomach called trepidation! Just when everyone thought that life would get better….It just got a million times harder….

It hits us like bricks that if we don’t try to swim through all that Algebra then there will be no chance  of getting into medical school.  For many years, college students have suffered to get through their course load while juggling part-time jobs, and trying to keep friends and family close by….In addition, to the most important part: figuring out the rest of your life!

So how do we get through it without losing hope? one may ask.  The answer to that is not easily defined.

If it has gotten to the point of affecting your overall health and your life with others then it is a psychological disturbance.  When overwhelmed with the average workload it is imperative that you take breaks.  If you don’t take breaks you will put your brain on overload and make it more fatigued.  It won’t do you justice trying to strain your brain over the concept of the quadratic equation.

Take 20 minute breaks to ease the mind.  Instead of turning to your cellphone or social media which makes the problem worse, rest your mind! Go watch TV, listen to your favorite song, have a conversation with someone you love.

Or simply take the time to meditate. Sit down on a flat surface, using some candles or healing stones.  Clear the mind!  Inhaling through the nose and exhaling out through your mouth.  When doing this you should not be thinking of anything.  Your focus should be on the earth.  This creates positive energy and gets rid of any bad energies surrounding you, cleansing the chakras in our bodies.

Another thing you can do in this spare time is pray! lay all your worries on Him.  Don’t forget to remember these bible verses/proverbs when you are feeling stressed, anxious, or like you have no purpose in this world:

~I loved you at your darkest. Romans 5:8

~The Lord directs the STEPS of the GODLY. He delights in every DETAIL of their lives. Though they stumble they will never fall, for The Lord holds them by the hand. Psalm 37:23:24

~For I know the plan I have for you, declares The Lord.  Plans for welfare and not for evil. To give you a future and a hope.  Jeremiah 29:11

~The phrase “Do not be afraid,” is written in the bible 365 times.  That’s a daily reminder from God to live everyday being fearless. 

~ When my heart is overwhelmed lead me to The Rock that is higher than I.  Psalm 61:2

Keep the hope alive, enjoy the rest of your week!










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