Is the Electoral System Actually Rigged?!

In the third presidential debate, Donald Trump claimed that he doesn’t know if he will accept the results of the election if he loses. He also states that the system is officially rigged against him working against his team and in favor of Secretary Clinton.

This election is like no other, in some ways, similar to the 1992 election when no one wanted to vote for Bush or Clinton. It’s appalling that this is my first election, and I couldn’t be more disgusted with my two choices. With both the GOP nominee and the Democratic nominee. I’ve waited 18 years to exercise my civil right as an American. And who do we get? Hillary Clinton and “The Apprentices” Donald J. Trump. So when anyone asks who I’m voting for, this will be my response:

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The hatred for Clinton has transferred to my generation. I don’t support Clinton’s misleading claims as Secretary of State or her policies. Hell, I don’t even believe her when she spoke out about using a private email server to conduct Government business saying, “I fully complied with every rule that I was governed by.” But that doesn’t mean I’m excusing Trump’s behavior whatsoever. I wonder what the Queen of England will be thinking on election night…Hmmmm…..

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Both candidates are, in fact, considered unqualified to become commander-in-chief. It is even present in the presidential debate that none of them answered their constituents questions on the economy, education, healthcare and the budget deficit. Instead they both banter back and forth like children about how unfit each other is. They made it political, instead of focusing on the American people. This sends America a very potent message. Clinton even called Trump a puppet. Wow, thanks Washington, is all I can muster to say.

And no I don’t wish for Grandpa Bernie to come and save our nation nor do I feel sorry for his loss. Don’t be easily fooled by the promises he won’t be able to fulfill. They all tell you what you want to hear. And let’s face it he’ll never get any legislation passed anyways. Socialist, Bernie Sanders, thinks that it is an absolute disgrace that people in America can’t go to college for free. The issue is that this is “Dangerous,” you can compartmentalize these things, we simply don’t have the money for free college nor do we have a balanced budget.

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If you look at the facts Sanders will crush the debt even more destroying our future. But the liberals, that aren’t for Laissez Faire economics, are heavily relying on him to stay active in politics; but we can’t keep getting the government involved in every aspect of life. Lets look at the facts provided by the Total Federal Governmental Debt, it’s already estimated that by the year of 2017 our gross US Federal debt will reach an astonishing $19.5 trillion.

Just imagine what the debt would be if this man were president.

We are already in a deep deep blackhole.

Nothing is free…

Take a history class and do the research.

To be honest, elections have always been rigged, but not in the way Trump says.

Even though, Trump dreams of his election day conspiracy, it doesn’t mean that all elections are fair and impartial.

Just ask Senator Sanders if he thinks the system is rigged.

Both parties have continuously forced their views and values upon us. And they keep imposing to make America great again in their own secular way. But it will take far much more work to undo the mess that we are already in. There are, however, several issues that many Americans can agree on and that is that we want secure borders, and to end trade policies that ship our jobs overseas and capture the working wages of Americans.

Hillary Clinton declares to make our nation better by creating an “Open market,” with open borders and open trade. But what many Americans fail to understand is that this would end the sovereign and independent nation that we have become. Nowadays, people become more concerned over old tapes of Donald Trump from the past, just so the American press can collect their big ad bucks from different transnational corporations.

As we all know, we will get a nation led by Secretary Clinton. This woman has many people attached to her. With that being said, she has horns attached to her head. In the way that she is protected by big corrupt federal organizations that will do anything to not dispose of her secrets and lies.

Is that what the American people are hoping for, working for and voting for in the primaries coming up in 2016?

That’s sad…

We’ve worked so hard to make it better. Those people that hang on to their guns, bibles, bigotries in Obamas depiction that are “xenophobic, homophobic, sexist and racist.” But are “Irredeemable,” in Clinton’s America- will have to accept the abysmal results of an authoritarian regime at its best.

This doesn’t mean that people will come to love it though or respect it in any way shape or form.

So to answer the question, last time I checked, yes Virginia, the system is indeed rigged.

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Sick of the political posts, well by now everyone is!


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