How Hippies Once Saved the World!

Right on man, power to the people…Blue jeans, long hair, Flower Power and marijuana went a long way to passively resist the war.

The Counterculture of the 1960s had a very prolific influence on our history today. With the Vietnam war raging on rebellious teenagers shared the same values such as peace and personal freedom. While everyone grew tired of Johnson, this craze of people sharing the same beliefs gathered around Ashbury and Haight to openly discuss their disapproval of Nixon and the burdensome war. What would we have done if it wasn’t for all the psychedelia, Rock music, and casual love makin’?

As a matter of fact, we would not even have a revolution if it was not for the bohemian flower child. Without the Hippies would we have the COURAGE to stand up for what we believe in… to make a difference in our world? As this was once known as the flowery party of love and peace, they set out to liberate the world through peaceful objections, student strikes, marches and by resisting the draft.

“Let’s change the status quo!”

These were the people that wanted to break away from traditional conservatism. They thought it was their duty to contribute to society in a positive way. Hippies were groups of people setting out to change the standards, come together, live together and practice their beliefs in peace. Challenging the violence and the hatred was part of their goal to reach moral virtues in the world. In there minds, they fought for a more sovereign and prosperous America.

Several of them fought the current affairs in the government. Anger and aggression was a shadow to many hippies; in their minds, the government was selfish and defensive only catering to the affluence of the nation. “It should NOT be the wealthy that get a say in the system,” many baby boomers argued . Feeling displaced, their response to government incompetencies was to object against the US involvement in Vietnam because they frowned upon the actions their government took. So this set the precedent to future protests.

Teens and many adults had a remarkable influence on American culture in the 1960s and 1970s than the typical belief. Although, the average hippie was involved in drugs, sex, music and a lethargic approach to life, they contributed to modern American civilization in both positive and negative ways. In other words, American culture no longer keeps sex hidden in the dark anymore. Nowadays families discuss it at earlier ages. Another example, was how students often reflected their opposition at Universities against Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia.

Despite the hateful engagements, we have made more progress to accept those with differences without alienating them based on race or beliefs. That is to say we still we have long ways to go. The belief of brotherhood is still present today, even though the government has taken a stance in handing out to the poor citizens of our country. The Counterculture movement and the subculture movement have been infused into American Culture today. The attitude and demeanors of the beatniks and hippies are here to stay!


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