5 Things Being Independent Taught Me

1.) You cannot depend on anyone else to care for you and love you as much as YOU! The only person that can do it is YOU!

As a sensitive person and as emotional as I can be, I always thought that having a lot of friends was the answer and that it would make me feel complete but it doesn’t and having a few close friends is better than being surrounded by many friends that are oblivious to your feelings.

2.) Don’t sweat and waste your time on the small things!

It’s as simple as it gets, don’t waste your time on the little things like what someone thinks about you or worrying about being judged or liked.  Don’t let people make you sweat over things that are out of your control.  Let’s face it we will all be judged in some way or another whether we like it or not, not everybody is going to like you or appreciate your hard work and that doesn’t make you less of a person, they are just insecure with themselves that’s why they feel they have to take it out on you.

3.) Don’t take anything personally!!

When we take things personally, we usually feel discouraged and interpret what that person said as a reflection of who we are, when in reality, it is a reflection of the person that’s speaking.  Stop coming up “what-if” scenarios about well they just don’t like me or maybe they were having a bad day or she likes so-so better than me….instead of doing this don’t let other people’s comments, attitudes, choices or opinions affect how you feel about yourself even if it is a direct or personal attack.

4.) Do your own thing and what makes you happy!

Who cares what other people are doing, just because they do it doesn’t mean you have to feel pressured into doing it too.  Worry about what you need to do to achieve your goals and don’t let the people around you or at your college campus influence you into doing anything risky.  It is your choice! It is your life after all you have the power to say “No” or even “Goodbye.”  If people try to tell you that you can’t accomplish your dream just say “Watch me!” Prove them all wrong, work diligently, never give up and no matter how difficult the road may be always tell yourself that you will accomplish it as long as your mind is set on whatever your goal is.

5.) Learn Self-Control…

Easier said than done, eh? What I mean by this is keep track on your finances so that you don’t end up with piling debt.  In other words, even though you may be able to purchase an item on credit it is better to wait until you have saved up for that item before purchasing it or else you will just be swamped with debts and fees.  If you have a habit of buying everything on credit, it is better that you make sure to always pay your balance in full when the bill arrives, and don’t carry more cards than you can handle.


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