True Memoirs of a College Epidemic: Why Do College Student’s Struggle?

Why is it sooo hard for college students to hang on to hope?  To just simply ‘hang in there’?  

Why is it that it is up to us to further educate ourselves beyond high school?  

Even though I am in my second semester of college I already am feeling what little motivation feels like and lack thereof.  Despite the obstacles, I try to push through without giving up because I don’t want to disappoint my family or friends knowing that it will be difficult but I can do it.  I do already know that I want to be an Occupational Therapist one day working with children and adults.  My whole life, I have always loved helping people but there are some road blocks that get in the way of me being successful. 

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After all, it is a very long strenuous process and takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears in order to achieve some form of “self-actualization.”  And not to mention it hurts my pocket and I’m sure the same goes for everyone.

Subsequently, there is a lot of Science and Math courses that I have to take in order to get to where I need to be and I was told by my counselor that my field focuses heavily on Math and Sciences.  And right now I’m in Algebra which is not new to me but I am ready to move on from it.  I know that I have to take statistics, Anatomy and Biology which doesn’t frighten me but I might eventually have to take Trigonometry, Physics and Chemistry.  That’s the crazy part.  

Why am I picking a field of study where I am forced to endeavor exceptionally advanced math courses that I know I won’t be ready for or ever use in my lifetime??!

I really don’t know *sighs*

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So why do we put ourselves in these situations and push ourselves until we can no longer handle it anymore?  

Why do we push ourselves to get into these exotic programs when there are so many limitations, so many things that set us back and prevent us from actually reaching the finish line?

Sometimes I wonder how college students have the time, the energy and motivation to really put their all into their school work.  I think there are a lot of reasons why millennials struggle throughout their adulthood and one reason being, some students feel like they are merely wasting their time taking classes that don’t necessarily pertain to their field of study so their disinterest in the material affects them since those particular classes are not essentially where their skill sets are.  This often happens when as a student we are told what to study, choosing an area that we think we should study when it doesn’t necessarily represent our true talents or where our interests are.  

Students need to figure out the relevance of the topic to their personal life…to really dig in by being reflective which forces one to ask themselves a series of questions like: why I am taking these classes?  How will this come up in my life?

In order to do this you really need to connect to the course work but this can be very frustrating to do since we tend to worry about things that happen outside of school like our home lives, traumatic events, mental illnesses and etc.

Not only this, but as college students we have to realize it is okay to depend on someone else for advice, insights and assistance.  How else would we know what   There is nothing wrong with us if we can’t achieve what we want to achieve.  I understand why some students feel lethargic when trying to explore themselves.  We are told that the first few years of college are the easiest but yet it is like another 2 years of high school but twice as hard.  We waste more time in school taking classes that we are forced to memorize and construct formulas like this: Ax2 + Bx + C = 0, x=b±b^24ac/2a.  Why do we throw money for classes we won’t use in the future?  Well the system of education believes that it will teach you important skills you will use later in life…not necessarily algebra but how to problem solve and to work through your problems without quickly jumping to false conclusions.

I think that we need to find some middle ground when we are questioning our own abilities and why we need to go through schooling.  Yes, there will be some downfalls and we have no choice but to go through it to better our lives so that we can live comfortably and enjoy what we do.  After all, school is temporary and we won’t be a student forever.   

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Or maybe we are gonna end up like Chris Farley’s SNL skit says, “You’re gonna end up like me living in a van down by the river fending off of government cheese.” (

I sure hope not…

Let me know in the comments how you guys combat with anxiety, motivation and road blocks in College?

Any thoughts?!?




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