Types of College professors You Will Have at least Once…

1. The Bad Explainer

Image result for the bad explainer teacher

The bad explainer, sometimes you don’t mean to get this professor sometimes you are just SOL and we will have this professor at least once in our college careers.  No matter how much we try to avoid him when we have to take Chemistry or Calculus this professor will sure creep his way into our schedule and make college a living nightmare because we will be studying hard no matter how many times we looked at him and whispered to ourselves HOW DID YOU GET  2a^2b^4q^7?

2. The one with an attitude problem that yells at you for any small mistakes.

 movie stupid lipstick cameron diaz bad teacher GIF

No matter how many times you try to impress this teacher they will always find something wrong by trying to scrutinize and find something wrong with your paper whether you interpreted something differently they won’t care because if it is not told they way they want it to be told then it is wrong and will be marked an F.  Or if you butch a word wrong in German this person will definitely make you aware of it by grueling you incessantly over not putting in time and effort when in reality you have been spending countless nights studying.  So they will constantly hate you for butchering the pronunciations since they will take it as an insult to their life’s work.

3. The Foreign One

Image result for foreign teacher picture

Although she is smart, you don’t understand what he is saying since his accent is heavy and he speaks broken English.  You had no other choice but to take a Biology and a Physics and stumbled upon him and when you tried to switch there was no alternative. But hey you understood about 50% of what she was saying.

4. The Wackadoo Professor Image result for crazy professor

Next thing you know, you get this guy, the nutty professor indeed.  You wonder how he even got his/her degree and how they make the money they do when they have to use the word “thingy” in their definition, a three year old could’ve told me that.  Then they make the classroom into a propaganda mill so they can tell you how to think, what to eat, what you can’t say and force you to bash any straight white males.  Yeah…pretty crazy.  Can kids even get a good education when professors are poisoning young minds?

5. The Passionate Professor

Image result for passionate professor

Yes, thank you to the passionate professors that love their job and helping students improve and look at life differently than before.  The best thing about this professor is they enjoy doing it and have amazing lectures, they don’t sway you to one side, they encourage prudence- the highest virtue which is good judgment or wisdom gained from experience and knowledge, expressed in a realistic and frugal attitude.  Truthfully, you could listen to them talk for hours without getting bored and they not only just blab at you but engage you in the class in different ways to stay awake.  They encourage critical thinking skills by getting you to think out side of the box instead of accepting mainstream thoughts.  At the end of the semester you will thank this professor for making an impact in your life.

6. The Syllabus FreakImage result for the syllabus professor

This professor will mention the syllabus every class period and they could not teach without having it close by or around.  They also carry around a box full of papers that they will hand out in class and mounded with folders of papers to grade and they will lose anything.  If you even ask them when the exam is they will often result to “What does the syllabus say, read your syllabus!” You want to know their name, check the syllabus!

7. The Reader

Image result for powerpoint professor

He has been teaching for years and he reads verbatim the textbook and powerpoint slides and is very monotone and no matter how many times you are trying to pay attention you can’t help but complain about wonder why the hell you are there?  There is no actual learning process, no analyzing, no explanations, they just keep reading.  Is this what your tuition dollars are going towards? then halfway into the semester you will get the urge to just stay home and read it yourself, and why shouldn’t you?  Is it just me or is education not even worth since the professor suck at their jobs and students leave learning nothing.

8. The Drill Sergeant

 drill GIF

This guy is a classic! He is firm but very intellectually stimulating and uses his own experiences to shape your thoughts.  He tells stories of the military and the importance of small government and you even learn his class learning something everyday that you can apply to your life.  But don’t me wrong when he is mad he will make sure everyone knows it whether it be his students or his colleagues.  He will not take crap from anyone whether someone tries to joke around or not take him seriously.


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