Mrs. High and Mighty (poetry)





Dear Mrs. High and Mighty, you have never wondered what went on inside the minds of some that you call “lazy” and “slow.”  I know that you haven’t really given it thought.  I just wish you could see yourself through the students’ eyes, only then you would understand how it feels.  You’re mean, cruel and sarcastic in a dark way.  You are dictator of the classroom.  Hey don’t you know you make things unfun, you fill it with rules and regulations that don’t apply in the real world like you say.  I remember how you taught us that Hobbes thought everyone was selfish and greedy.  I’m starting to realize that the more the year went on, you are for order, you’re not for peace.  You hand us what you think we oughta know.  You tell us this is an unjust world and you do as you please.  There is no democracy you’re the queen of the classroom.  I’m not really experienced in politics but I do have some understanding. and why is it that we are pushed to the limit?  Having to prove we’re proficient enough?  The teen years are the hardest when you are stuck inside your own thoughts, hoping someone will hear them.  But sometimes I wonder what your childhood was like since you have to take it out on us.



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