To the Woman who Deserved to Live (Poem)

To the woman who deserved to live

To the woman once a mother, a sister and a friend.

A wife, a confidant suddenly gone with the wind.

You suffered a long battle, hoping to win.

Gave your word to God, only for you to sin.

I know you wanted no one to see just how much you’d weathered

but it never mattered to me, just as long as I saw your face.

I remember the last time I saw you making your way down the chapel,

you were in a wheelchair with your hat on your cold head, one last strand of hair dangled out

from your purple hat, as you got the final blessing

that’s when you knew your time was up, you were bound to be with Him.

Watching you suffer a dull aching pain killed us on the inside

because we wanted you to know this is not for something you did

sometimes things in life happen and we have no way of knowing why it had to be us.


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