I’ve Dreamed of a World

Sometimes I wonder what we’ve come to in such a cold, cold world.

Surrounded by all the unpleasant things and hatred…

I think of all the blessings.

But when I am alone I still think about those who are suffering

and those who are in pain.

I would gladly trade anything to ease your pain and erase your demons of your past that

lay dormant inside you.  Sometimes I blame society for having such high standards.

I’ve dreamed of a world where people love others and call them their brothers, where

imperfections were accepted for what they are, where people came to realize that true

beauty lies from within, where other nations could get along in peaceful harmony,

and where criticism didn’t play a role.

Then I think we would have reached our goal.

We should strive to see the best in others and come together as one

where nothing else matters.

It’s crazy watching the news today, 23 dead in Tunisia.

Oh boy, why do we keep going down this road?

I don’t know anybody that would look at this mess and be proud.

If I were a bird I’d surely fly away from this all.

I fathom the thought of being surrounded by ignorance,

reprehensive-ness, and belligerence.

Oh please, what has happened to mankind?

Have they all gone mad?

They all have become soiled…like dirt… Am I the only one that has a cleanly soul?

How does repugnant behavior rectify the world of its problems?

When will we finally understand?

When will there be hope for humanity?

It dies a little bit every day when we forget what happened yesterday.

In their minds, there is no room for love…only hate and judgment.

And then there’s those who choose to love going out at night sneaking around

surreptitiously while their lover sits in front of the TV screen talking on the phone

about her significant other praying that he never leaves her, stupid enough to believe

that he would be there for her in her darkest hour.

Then to have found him in the corner with whats-her-face because we accept the love we

think we deserve.




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