My Tribute to Rock n Roll (to be continued…)

I’m on a freight train to Memphis headed to the Graceland but my lord oh my soul I’ve dreamed of this years and years ago.  I’m a gonna go take it all in and leave my troubles at the door.  They don’t exist here.  Everyone’s having a good ol’ time listening to music, mocking the master.  No reckoning past the gate.  I’m gonna go live free, gonna take a deep breath.  I got a ticket to ride.  This feeling I’m getting deep inside is so crazy.  As I walked in, everyone was in deep conversation.  Then as I turned around two men were arguing over the Ebony Dove placed beside the mantle.  Later they introduced themselves as Sam and Dave.  Then Tina walked over in her Armani heels and she said: “Tell me what’s going on boys!”  And Sam said, “Oh I’ll tell you what’s going on!” as he laughed exchanging glances with Dave.  Then good old Marvin was listening, this inspired him to write another hit.  He began writing out the notes on a napkin humming the melody.  From there, he decided on the key of E.  As I went downstairs to get a Cola I ran into a fine fella he said his name was Prince but his friends called him the Skipper.  He told me of his aspirations and childhood daydreams.  He said his father was no saint and would verbally abuse em.  Just an average dude in his basketball shoes with his friend Andre’.  But one day he ran into Sheila E and she said come sing with me.


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