About Me


Hello my name is Julia Salice I am 18 years old. I live in Plymouth with my parents and brother.  I graduated from Salem High School in 2016. I plan on attending Eastern Michigan University where I will study Occupational Therapy- as I want to help children and adults improve their lives everyday by getting them to come out of their comfort zone and face their everyday challenges.  Helping others through therapy gives me a chance to do what I love to do which is to make a difference in someones life and help them rehabilitate.  Additionally, I love to write and if my plan does not workout I want to go into Journalism.  But I plan on writing as a hobby.  As a millennial, my advice to millennials is to never give up on your passion or your dreams even if that means risking failure or setbacks.  And like Winston Churchill once said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no less enthusiasm.”  Also I encourage millennials to have an open mind and to not let your heart dictate your decision making, always use your logic and facts before accepting something without any evidence.  I hope you enjoy my blogs that will cover the issues in the world today, my culture and experiences.  Your feedback is welcomed!!! 






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