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I read this book a few years ago and I enjoyed it very much.  This book was about how the earth was being colonized by these so-called Souls which was a type of alien race that takes over the bodies of humans turning them into hosts for interstellar travelers and taking over their mind in a way where you could hear their thoughts.  Most of these kinds of species have died out but Melanie is one of the lucky ones because her and her family have survived and they are in hiding.  Later in the book Melanie is captured by a Seeker (their job is to find the remaining humans and capture them) and then a Soul named Wanderer is implanted into her body.  So Jared who is Melanie’s boyfriend ends up wanting Wanderer dead and Melanie’s Uncle wants to wait and see and Ian ends up falling for Wanderer but no one really knows how to separate both of them without killing the other.


I read this book this year and it opened my eyes to how influential a single cult can really be and how King of Queens star Leah Remini got into the church when she was younger and how it affected her life up until she quit in 2013 after she had been a member for 30+ years and her mother’s boyfriend Denise was a Scientologist and she noticed her mom kept coming home late every night and it was because she was spending her time in a church and that is when she introduced Leah and her sister Nicole to Scientology.  Later on, during the Scientology wedding of the century she started to notice that people that were high-up in the church were behaving as if they were off-policy and she became skeptical of activity going on in the church and began to question things which you are prohibited from doing in this cult.  She also noticed when you screwed up you had to pay for it and she was taken off course for it and when they screwed up it was okay and she tells how she fought back and finally made the decision to flee.



Well I do have to admit I was a geek for this movie and it was definitely heartwarming- they better have a second movie coming out! The book was just as good but left out some things from the movie, of course!  I loved watching how Mia grew into a talented cellist.  She falls in love with gorgeous guitar-player Adam who is a rocker- as they bond through music when he watches her play the cello at school.  Later on, she decides to audition for Julliard and struggles to make the decision of going to the school of her dreams or of being with the love of her life.  But a car crash later changes her life in an instant and she is suddenly in a coma hanging on for life or death.

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